Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

What is HLTA Status?  

Higher level teaching assistants undertake a wide variety of roles – some work across the curriculum, some act as specialist assistants for a specific subject or department – the work varies according to the needs, type and age-phase of the school. 

* In all cases HLTA have at least one specific area of expertise in the development of learning and well-being of children and young people.

* In all cases HLTA work with individuals, small groups and whole classes to lead learning.

* HLTA status is awarded by Welsh Government to individuals who have proved that they meet the National Standards for HLTA. 


Information about the HLTA Programme 2017-18

If you are interested in becoming an HLTA come to an information session for Teaching Assistants and Headteachers.

* Information Session 2017-18 

Breifing Sessions 

You (and your Headteacher where possible) are welcome to attend any of the above sessions. To confirm your attendance email 






National Standards

Literacy and Numeracy Guidance

Head teacher Briefing Note

Application Form HLTA   

HLTA PowerPoint


Closing date for returning applications is

1pm 10/07/2017


1pm 10/01/2018



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