Attachment Aware Schools

In January 2015 Welsh Government advised regional consortia to find strategic use of the LAC element of PDG to ensure that looked after, and previously looked after, children, receive consistent and continuing support to help them achieve their educational potential. The advice was to provide regional services to assist schools in understanding the emotional and educational challenges faced by this vulnerable cohort of learners. ERW has responded by committing resources to the implementation of a project across the region which will focus on training schools to understand and better meet the emotional needs of these learners in order to improve educational outcomes. This supports ERW’s aim of building in school capacity and resilience.

ERW’s vision is for a consistently high performing school network across the region with every school a good school offering high standards of teaching under good leadership resulting in all learners achieving their maximum potential. In order to achieve this vision, we build school capacity through support, challenge and intervention to become self improving, resilient organisations which continually improve outcomes for learners.

The difficulties that many of these children face in schools often stem from their early experiences. We know that most children who enter the care system have experienced trauma, abuse, neglect and loss. We also know that many of these children will not have had the opportunity to develop a secure attachment to their main caregiver. Research has shown that these children have a number of difficulties including: regulating their emotions; ‘attuning’ with others; moral reasoning and trusting adults. Research has also shown that these children appear to have difficulty in developing effective executive functioning skills which are the range of key skills that enable children to effectively engage in classroom learning. Classroom strategies which are relevant for securely attached children will often not be effective for those with insecure attachments. These learners respond best to a relationship-based and trauma informed approach to every aspect of their school life.

An understanding of the positive impact this model of working can have on all learners is growing rapidly across schools in ERW. A full list of those schools who have taken part in the regional training is provided at the end of this document.


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