Hafod Primary School Peace Mala Gold Award

Hafod Primary School Peace Mala Gold Award

Hafod Primary School has become the first school in ERW to achieve the Peace Mala Gold Award.

Peace Mala is a multi-award winning project for peace that began in 2001 in response to the racial and religious bullying of pupils in the aftermath of 9/11.

Teaching children what different people believe, and allowing them freedom to accept different religious beliefs, is important to Hafod Primary School.

The School feels it must make sure that children appreciate the importance of respecting other people’s right to express their religion, to move beyond tolerance and acceptance, and to become more proactive in stopping bias-related comments and other forms of discrimination.

The School believes that by engaging with Peace Mala they promote understanding, respect, friendship, tolerance and peace between all communities and cultures.

Becoming a Peace Mala School is part of Hafod Primary’s School Development Plan, approved by staff and the Governing Body.
All of their Peace Mala work is regularly fed back to the School Governors by staff and pupils.

Parents are notified of all the work the children and the school are involved in and how they can embed the values at home.  

In the entrance hall, playground and along the school corridors there are a variety of vibrant displays that are designed to encourage the children to have tolerance, respect and understanding and to embrace differences between them.

The six main religious signs are also displayed around the school.

These interfaith displays were made by the children and are regularly used as talking points during whole school assemblies and assemblies with an audience of parents.

The school web page has an area dedicated to the Peace projects that they are involved in.

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