Networking across the ERW region

The Leaders of Learning for core subjects compliment networking arrangements where they currently exist in local authorities.  This allows heads of department to share and develop the good practice that already exists within schools and enables Leaders of Learning to focus on national and regional priorities within the subject area.

There are designated HWB networks available for all teachers within ERW to join.  This will give teachers the opportunity to share the most recent subject developments through the discussion board.  Recent developments and updated schemes of work and teacher resources can be found in these areas.

This term, for English there have been meetings in Powys (MRC) on 6th March and for Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire teachers in the Griffiths Jones Centre, St Clears on 13th March.  For further information please contact Ian Altman.

Here is the link to the English HWB network for all teachers of English.

In Mathematics there were meetings in Powys on March 10th; Swansea/ Neath on March 20th and March 28th for Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire teachers.  Please contact Helen Davies.

Here is the link to the Maths HWB network for all teachers of Maths.

For further information regarding networking and resources for Welsh, please contact Non Walters (Welsh First Language) or Tina Thomas (Welsh second language) .

Here is the link to the Welsh HWB network for all teachers of Welsh.

The next Swansea/NPT Heads of Science meeting is on 21st June.  For additional Science networking and support your contact is David Bradley

Here is the link to the Science HWB network for all teachers of Science.

In non-core subjects and MFL there are designated lead schools which work alongside local authorities to ensure there are networking opportunities for all Heads of Department across ERW.  The Leaders of Learning work with the lead schools to establish effective networks to support these subjects at GCSE.

Click here for a list of all networking opportunities for the academic year in non-core subjects within ERW. The Leader of Learning for non-core subjects is Tonia Antoniazzi.

Click here for a list of all the links to the non-core subject HWB networks and the Lead Schools across ERW.

For MFL there are regular meetings held across ERW in collaboration with the Lead Schools and the local authority arrangements.  For further details, contact Anna Vivian Jones.

Here is the link to the MFL HWB network for all teachers of MFL




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