Bro Dinefwr School

Bro Dinefwr's IntoFilm project

School name: Bro Dinefwr School

County: Carmarthenshire

Headteacher: Julie Griffiths

Number of pupils: 1185

A Carmarthenshire secondary school has set up a weekly lunchtime film club.
Ysgol Bro Dinefwr’s IntoFilm project has set up the club to target KS3 pupils, especially eFSM, vulnerable and disengaged pupils.
Discussions, reviews and filming opportunities have arisen as a result of the club.
Haven Funding from the Pupil Offer Grant, which was given to School Challenge Cymru Schools, was used to purchase equipment, cameras, ipads and editing software.
“The film club brings together like-minded pupils across Key Stage 3; some of whom are lacking in confidence or who have some difficulty in forming friendships,” said headteacher Julie Griffiths.
“The club not only provides a haven for these pupils but also an opportunity to interact with fellow students and discuss subjects of interest to them.”
Pupils have a degree of ownership of the club, requesting and selecting the films to be shown.
This breeds further enthusiasm and support for the club and many friendships have blossomed as a result of this shared experience and independence. 

Boosting skills

In addition to the social elements, the pupils are also encouraged to discuss various aspects of the film.
Depending on the pupils, this is differentiated to include expressing opinion on storyline, characters as well as film techniques.
Pupils are also encouraged to write reviews of films, which can then be submitted to the website, with the best monthly reviews winning a prize.  Despite there being no recognition for Welsh language reviews within the organisation, Welsh-speaking pupils are encouraged to write in Welsh, with their entries judged within the school.
This aims to improve their translanguaging skills, promoting the use of both languages within the school and its partner organisations.
Further opportunities have also arisen due to a good relationship being formed between an IntoFilm representative and the Film Club leader at the school.


Film workshops are currently being undertaken with a year 9 group.
The aim is to target each process within film making, with a view to the class producing their own film.
The planning, scripting, filming and editing is to be done by the students themselves.
The film is part of a project between the school and a college in Patagonia. Each pupil is equipped with an iPad, and is promoted to a role which interests him /her within the film-making process.
“Each pupil works individually to fulfil his or her role and then collaborates with the group and class to produce one complete film,” added Mrs Griffiths. “For these pupils, who are usually assessed on their ability to express their creativity on paper, the creation of a ‘moving story’ using new skills and techniques has ensured the inclusion of each pupil.
“It has served to highlight the talents within the classroom and has created a positive learning environment, with each pupil gaining confidence through the various stages of the project.”
Following this project, there is further potential for these sessions within other Key Stage 3 classes.
“Due to the nature of the opportunities available in collaboration with IntoFilm, pupils from SEN to the MAT groups would benefit greatly from the various skills that can be developed, ranging from creating techniques for different sounds, to directing and editing using specialist software,” added Mrs Griffiths.
“This, coupled with the excitement that films bring to many pupils, would ensure an enthusiastic and invaluable learning experience.
“The project would also be invaluable to promote further transition work with the cluster primaries.”


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