Bishopston Comprehensive School

School name: Bishopston Comprehensive School

County: Swansea

Headteacher: Jeff Bird

Number of pupils: 1178


A SWANSEA school has received an award for excellence in provision for the more able and talented pupils.

Bishopston Comprehensive has recently been given the NACE Cymru Challenge award - which is given for high quality work by the whole school, teachers and governors, in challenging all pupils, including those with high abilities, to achieve their best.


All schools gaining a NACE Award have undergone a rigorous, evidence based assessment, requiring evidence and judgments submitted by the school, assessment day evidence gained from interviews across the school community and evidence resulting from sampling of the quality of teaching and learning during the assessment day.

Awards are given on the basis of achieving this triangulation and with the expectation that such standards will be not only be sustained but improved upon, as required by the report presented to the school.


The more able pupil at Bishopston school is identified through teacher assessment, observation of performance and professional judgement based upon:

• proactive primary liaison
• analysis of information from partner primary schools including performance data
• input from Year Team staff
• discussion with colleagues
• ongoing assessment of performance and outcomes
• recorded information of the monitoring of performance and attainment.


Headteacher Jeff Bird said the school is delighted with the summary of strengths highlighted by the assessors.

These include:
• Pupils said the support, challenge and opportunities the school provides raises their self-confidence and enables them to achieve excellent outcomes.
• The coordinator provides strong leadership and is well supported by the school’s senior leadership team and all stakeholders are aware of their responsibilities in relation to MAT (More Able and Talented) provision. • Transition for MAT pupils from Year 6 to Year 7 is well structured and allows information on MAT learners to be communicated and expertise shared with primary colleagues
• Feedback ensures that pupils are aware of their next steps to achieve individual targets.
• Pupils are given a strong voice, which enhances the confidence, self-esteem, maturity and leadership experiences of the pupils.
• Skilled questioning by staff constantly expands pupils’ thinking and learning through acknowledging and challenges responses further.
• The pace of lessons gives optimum time and opportunity for participation, independent learning, reflection and evaluation.
• There are extensive opportunities for pupils to study additional subjects which extend pupils learning experiences. These include: Photography, Psychology, Latin, Film Studies, AS Science, Further mathematics as well as a range of vocational options.

Mr Bird added: “We would like to thank all the staff, in particular Dr Rob McCabe our MAT coordinator, Alison Sykes our Assistant Headteacher, pupils, parents and governors for the invaluable contributions to the assessment day.
“Our Challenge Adviser, Kerry Templeton’s feedback was also extremely positive and will continue to support us as we address aspects highlighted in our School Development Plan.”




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