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Supply teachers & supply support staff - safeguarding & employment checks

Are you ensuring the correct safeguarding and qualification checks have been made in relation to the employment of all supply teachers and supply support staff?
The Welsh Government’s 2015 guidance ‘Keeping Learners Safe’ provides advice on employers’ duties with regard to safeguarding. This includes guidance within a supply context. The guidance requires employers to ensure that they operate safe recruitment procedures and ensure that appropriate checks are carried out on all new staff and volunteers who will be working with children.
Education Workforce Council (EWC) ‘Guidance for Employers: Employing School Teachers and School Learning Support Workers’ highlights the legal requirement placed on schools, local authorities and supply agencies to ensure that they employ workers who are registered with the EWC. Supply staff must be made aware of the named person within the school that is responsible for safeguarding, in case an issue arises whilst they are at the school.
We would be grateful if you would draw the below summary documents to the attention of all staff working in this area and continue to promote the issue of safeguarding within this context, to highlight its importance and relevance:

Safeguarding Requirements

Qualified Teachers and Teaching Work



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