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Human Resources

The HR Working Group was created to enable the implementation of ERW’s regional strategy and business plan which supports school improvement.

The Group comprises senior HR representatives from the six constituent local authorities, who meet at least twice per school term. Its purpose/role is to:

  • Work in partnership with key stakeholders (including Trade Unions) to plan and implement strategic and operational HR activities which will support schools and minimise duplication across the region;
  • Ensure that schools are able to access consistent and effective HR support in dealing with performance management and capability issues through delivery of the people management aspects of the Raising Standards and Rewarding Excellence programme; and
  • Support the bilingual nature of the region, through all HR activities. 

At and between meetings, members of the Group share information and resources in order to achieve a consistent approach to dealing with HR issues across the region and to remove unnecessary duplication of HR policy and process development work at local authority level. 

The Group is accountable to the Strategy Implementation Board and works closely with Aled Evans, as the Director of Education with responsibility for leading strategically on regional workforce matters.

The Group comprises the following HR representatives from each of the six local authorities:


Local Authority

Ceri Davies

ERW Lead HR Director

Amy Hutchings     

Neath Port Talbot Council

Nia Roberts       

Ceredigion County Council

Cathryn Davies 

Pembrokeshire County Council

Nicola Reid

Swansea County Council

John Bevan

Powys County Council

Julie Stuart     

Carmarthenshire County Council

How do we contribute?

ERW’s vision is for a consistently high performing school network across the region, with every school a good school offering high standards of teaching under good leadership, resulting in all learners achieving their maximum potential.

Raising standards of teaching is therefore a key priority for the region. We strive for every teacher to be a good teacher over time, and for pupils to receive good or better teaching every day in every lesson. We know that most of our teachers are good, and teach well consistently. We must support teachers in being consistently good and better.

Another of our key priorities is to improve the quality of leadership and its impact on improving pupil outcomes across the region.

We will encourage teachers and leaders to strive for excellence, supporting them in moving ahead with new areas of work and curricular changes on the horizon.

Our work in this area will dovetail with the delivery of the Minister’s New Deal to support teachers and leaders.

One of the main ways in which the HR Working Group will enable the achievement of ERW’s vision, which encompasses high standards of teaching and good leadership, is through delivery of the people management aspects of the ‘Raising Standards and Rewarding Excellence’ programme. As part of this programme, the HR Group will:

  • Design a performance management training package and deliver it to school leaders and governors across the region;
  • Produce and publish a regional, model Performance Capability Procedure; 
  • Design a performance capability training package and deliver it to school leaders and governors across the region; and 
  • Annually review and publish a regional, model Teachers’ Pay Policy.

The ‘Raising Standards and Rewarding Excellence’ programme will be rolled out, across the region, during the 2016/17 financial year. We will communicate further updates to schools in due course.

Get in touch

If you have any feedback regarding HR support across the region, questions about the HR Group’s work or if there are any region-wide issues you feel the Group should consider, please contact admin@erw.org.uk in the first instance.



Local Authorites Swansea-Abertawe Neath Port Talbot - Castell Nedd Port-Talbot Ceredigion Carmarthenshire - Sir Gaerfyrddin Pembrokeshire-Sir Benfro Powys

ERW is an alliance of 6 local authorities governed by a legally constituted joint committee. Its aim is to implement the agreed regional strategy and business plan to support school improvement.