Categorisation 2015

In January 2015, Welsh Government launched the National School Categorisation System

The aim of the Categorisation system is to enable every school to access the right level of support. The colour indicates the level of support identified for each school.

All primary, secondary and middle schools in Wales are included in this system and it will be updated on an annual basis.

Here you can download a full categorisation list of ERW schools.

Some blanks can be seen in the download - some schools were not given a full categorisation due to being newly opened or recently closed.

When looking at an individual school on My Local School, a categorisation tab is available that gives a more detailed breakdown of the school's "standards group" score.

Below is a breakdown of schools' categorisation colours within ERW for 2015.

Middle schools are included in both breakdowns (even though they may get different "standards group" scores in their primary and secondary sectors, they will only have one "improvement capacity" letter and "support category" colour).
 Primary categorisation 2015

Secondary categorisation 2015

 National School Categorisation System Supplementary Guidance 2015/16


Categorisation 2013/14

primary school 2014

secondary 2014

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ERW is an alliance of 6 local authorities governed by a legally constituted joint committee. Its aim is to implement the agreed regional strategy and business plan to support school improvement.