Welsh Leaders

The main responsibility of Welsh Leaders is to support Welsh Departments as they implement the new GCSE Welsh Language and Literature specifications, to be examined for the first time in 2017.
We also support the Welsh departments as they embed these specification skills in the KS3 curriculum.
We collaborate with ERW Challenge Advisers and School Headteachers in order to support, e.g.:
• Departmental reviews
• Lesson observations
• Departmental documentation and book scrutiny
• Training and visits per individual department
• Cluster and consortium training
• Inter-departmental working groups for the creation of resources and lessons

Main focus for the year 2016/17:

• Improving learner writing for the GCSE Language Specification
• Sharing good practice via the HWB website
• Delivering training through courses per cluster
• Inter-departmental working groups
• Departmental visits


Resources for KS3, KS4 and KS5 are available on the HWB website

 Go to ‘Networks’ and look for ERW Cymraeg/Welsh.
 Apply to be a member and then you will be accepted
 You can download resources as well as upload your own work to share with others

Contact details:

Non Walters 

Local Authorites Swansea-Abertawe Neath Port Talbot - Castell Nedd Port-Talbot Ceredigion Carmarthenshire - Sir Gaerfyrddin Pembrokeshire-Sir Benfro Powys

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